• positive review can be added at any time,
  • negative during the meeting only,

(if you are not satisfied with the meeting, it is necessary to end it INMEDIATELY, the lady is obliged to return the money to you in equal parts, negative review and a request for a refund after the meeting will not be considered at all)

All reviews from clients must be verified and in case that review is not fake ( not only positive) it will be published immediately after control. 
Is necessary to send us:

  • copy of receipt from western union or
  • receipt of the payment of the air ticket
  • Print Screen of your communication, mails or whatsapp, or...

Review will be not published without these facts. Attach these documents in form please. 

Reviews of our company

All reviews are current and real, if you are interested in verifying the review, we can send you the contact of the client (after agreement with the client) who sent the review

25.01.2017 ' Thomas ' Real photos
"Good system with photos, I really like it, Im sure that I get real photos by mail, I meet mabe 3 girls and all photo are real NO FAKE. On the site they have ilustrative, but they inform about on the site. For me good."

15.8.2017 ' Slamander ' No fake photos
"I know this site for very long time, photos absolutely real, I meet maybe 50 girls are the same like on the photos... good job"

01.03.2018 ' Peter ' No problem with deposit
"thanks , you send me back my deposit....!! Can you recomend me another young girl?" 

12.06.2018 ' Simon ' Serious attitude
"I sent a deposit many times, because i want a lady to be booked for me when we agree on a date. It happened to me that lady cancelled the meeting, but money was always sent back to me! Wow, i am very thankful and highly recommend your website!"

2.7.2018 ' Ondrej ' Nice girls
"There are many wonderful ladies,new faces every week and the fees are really reasonable. I love the way this website works. Brilliant job!"  

4.2.2019 ' Karl ' Mia good assistent
"Big thanks for support from assistant Mia, she is very kind and professional. I will definitely contact you again for a new girl in the near future."   

14.06.2019 ' Adam ' Mia assistent 
Dear Miss Mia!
Thank for all the work and effort you put in there to make this arrangement happen. You are amazing. With best regards from USA  

14.06.2019 ' Raymond ' Negative review
I met a lady on the agreed day but we did not click very well, she did not show any interest in talking to me, so we agreed that it is better when she leaves earlier as planned. I informed immediately about the situation the agency and decided to put a review on ladies profile because i think is right to inform other potential clients about ladies attitude. My review was added the next day, it was quick and professional. Great job, thanks!   

Reviews of ladies are in their profiles