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The contact of the lady will be sent to you 48 before the meeting. 

Conditions of the meeting

  • the client's behavior during the whole meeting, must be decent, very polite and especially in intimate moments without obscene and vulgar words,
  • the client is obliged to provide accommodation hotel, or apartment at a medium higher level, at the level of at least 4 stars, and 100% clean,
  • due to bad experience in the past is necessary to pay the full amount, in € and if it is possible in immediately after her arrival in cash, not by bank transfer or by credit card, please, be so kind and have everything prepared,
  • accommodation, food (restaurant at a decent level), and travel fees of taxis must be covered by the client throughout the meeting,
  • all meetings must be confirmed by you 12 hours in advance directly with the lady SMS or e-mail,

    in case of violation of these conditions, the lady will contact the agency and leaves from the meeting without a refund and client will be blocked for all others meetings

Unless otherwise agreed... the amount to be paid is
(100€ deposit and - 5% discount), no extra services including, valid from

  • 3hrs | 327€,
  • 6hrs | 517€,
  • 12hrs | 707€,
  • 24hrs | 802€,
  • 48hrs | 1138€,
  • 3days | 1328€,
  • +additional day 284€,

Transport fees and extra services are not including
the price of the meeting

  • in Bratislava taxi to and from the hotel,
  • to Bratislava 50€ (only in the case that lady is not directly from Bratislava) this info is in her profile,
  • to Vienna 70€ (all ladies),
  • to Prague 100€ (all ladies),
  • to Budapest 100€ (all ladies),
  • taxis in the city is not including...lady will bring you a receipt