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Conditions of the ladies must be followed

  • due to bad experience in the past is necessary to send a travel deposit only if the meeting is placed where the lady is not based, and she travels by bus, car or train - 100€
  • when the meeting is placed where the lady is based, the copy of the hotel reservation is necessary to be sent
  • when the meeting is placed where the flight ticket is necessary to be purchased (not only booked, must be paid, will be verified) no deposit is needed to be sent 
  • accommodation, food and travel fees must be covered by client
  • the price of the meeting must be fully paid immediately after the ladies arrival, in cash 

Statement of our company

Presentation of ladies published on this web page was created solely with the purpose to provide Luxury & Elegant companion, strictly without provision of escort services. In case the parties will agree on a different type of services, the owner of this web page will not be legally responsible. 
All of the ladies are independent and they pay for the advertising space on the website, our company doesn't get any financial benefit from their meetings, the company is not responsible for their behavior, decision making, overall approach.