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TOP directory of agencies and independent Luxury & Elegant & VIP personal companions from Slovakia | Czech.  

Why do clients trust our site?

Because we know that the satisfaction of the client is the most important matter for success.

  • we guarantee that all profiles of the ladies on our site are real | verified,
  • ladies profiles are updated frequently,
  • ladies are independent and pay for the advertising space on the website our company doesn't get any financial benefit from their meetings,
  • we have introduced the opportunity to add your rating for any VIP companion Slovakia
    We are here to help you choose the right lady for you or for other serious clients. Our agency is the only one that verifies each review before publication, so you can be sure that the rating is genuine and the meeting took place. Whenever we confirm the credibility of the rating (not only positive but negative too) we then publish it immediately. If you are interested in adding a review then please send us your proof of payment (receipt from Western Union or air ticket),
  • none of the VIP companions Slovakia can change their nickname whilst advertising on our website. We know that on other websites, our competitors often change the name of their ladies in order that negative comments will not be shown,
  • other agencies take a commission for each meeting, therefore they try to arrange the meeting no matter what; the manager of the agency will most likely recommend any of the VIP companions Bratislava working for the agency.
    In our experience, managers usually tell you what you want to hear in order to close the deal and as you are not in contact with the companion herself, you can not verify the recommendation and decide for yourself,
  • client experience has to lead us not to publish professional photos in their profiles
    We guarantee to you that photos of these ladies are real and authentic. Photos are either taken by our photographer and not retouched or from their real-life experiences,
  • ladies have access to every received offer and final decision to accept it or not is always up to them, we do not interfere with their decision. It is a great deal for both parties. The lady accepts the offer because she wants to, not because she is forced to. The meeting is therefore very natural, pleasant and both parties know they are expecting from the meeting,
  • in full disclosure the ladies pay us a monthly fee
    We do not receive any percentage of their meeting price. Therefore we can offer you the most competitive prices (as there are no other hidden charges).

You might be interested to know...

How do we choose the VIP companion|no escort
from Bratislava, other cities Slovakia for you?

The first thing is a personal meeting with the lady. A sent photo is not sufficient. We evaluate not only the lady´s appearance but also her communication skills, knowledge of the foreign language and her compatibility. If we feel that the lady is appropriate and she likes our company set up, then we arrange a date for photo shooting and finalize all the required information. We then create and activate the profile on the site with a permanent nickname. What conditions have to be fulfilled by personal companion Slovakia?

  • age from 18 to 35 years old
  • attractive looking
  • nice, pleasant and intelligent disposition
  • knowledge of the foreign language at a conversational level
  • a general overview of political and social news
  • a healthy dose of self-confidence
  • professionalism, seriousness, and discretion
  • present yourself as personal companion Slovakia for the purpose of accompanying and representing the client at the highest level

    We know that opinions about this work vary. Most negative opinions originate from people who have not experienced an escort. Escort services vary from typically accompanying clients without providing any sexual services to the more typical expectation of intimate relations.

    We know that some of the girls might offer more complex services than escort Slovakia, but some are exclusively about accompanying clients and not providing sex at all. Of course, those ladies generally charge lower fees. Due to this fact the photos on the page are edited, so the ladies face will not be recognized. Real photos without blurry editing are sent only to specific and serious clients.

Elegant Companions from Bratislava|Slovakia (no escort) TOP CLASS
Elegant Companions from Bratislava|Slovakia (no escort) TOP CLASS
The BEST ladies | companions | no escort from Slovakia, Bratislava
The BEST ladies | companions | no escort from Slovakia, Bratislava

Let us clarify how our company works...

We only look for ladies interested in working as a personal companion Bratislava. For this purpose, we create their profile.

After launching live on the website, the lady has two options, either to manage her own communications or use the assistance services we offer. Assistance services are helpful as many of the ladies have busy lifestyles, in addition to the work of a personal companion Bratislava. Providing assistant services is there to help sort out the offers suitable for the lady. We would like to point out that in the case of a serious interest in a client meeting, the assistant will give direct contact details to the lady.

Each offer from the site will arrive in our server, will be recorded, added to statistics, and then will be forwarded to the lady and or her assistant. We have access to them and we can read them all. Based on this fact, we know that offers are different and clients are interested not only in personal companion Bratislava but also in sexual services of VIP escort Slovakia.

The lady decides whether to accept the offer or not subject to her availability and the client´s requests. The lady is not employed by our company, we receive no percentage of her earnings and it is totally in her control to accept an offer or not.

Ladies for you, no escort only companions
Ladies for you, no escort only companions

If VIP escort Bratislava accepts a meeting and sexual arrangements are subsequently made then that has nothing to do with our company and we take no responsibility, it is only a private arrangement with the lady. Some may wonder what is the difference between a personal companion Slovakia and escort Slovakia... It is very simple, a personal companion Slovakia exclusively would accompany on shorter meetings, such as the cinema, theater, business or private dinners. It does not provide sexual services. Escort Slovakia is about long-duration meetings, holidays, relaxation, entertainment with foreign clients abroad. It provides sexual services. Personal companion Bratislava accompanies clients in Slovakia does not provide sexual services. On the contrary escort, Bratislava provides sexual services on the territory of Slovakia.

VIP & Luxury companions no escort Bratislava,Slovakia
VIP & Luxury companions no escort Bratislava,Slovakia
TOP site, companions no escort Bratislava,Slovakia
TOP site, companions no escort Bratislava,Slovakia
Elegant companions from Bratislava | Slovakia
Elegant companions from Bratislava | Slovakia
Bratislava | Slovakia companions no escort
Bratislava | Slovakia companions no escort
TOP ladies no escort from Slovakia | Bratislava
TOP ladies no escort from Slovakia | Bratislava

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